BFA Impact

We inspire self-expression and celebrate the unique beauty of people and the planet through the brands, products, and communities we support.
BFA Impact


True self-expression happens when everyone feels free to confidently be themselves. But the beauty industry hasn’t always provided the right access or tools needed for everyone to be who they are. We’re changing that.

We want to break down traditional beauty barriers and create a space where everyone feels welcome and is celebrated for who they are. Since certain communities aren't fully represented in beauty, we are starting by amplifying and investing in Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities and brands.

Our FOcus

Identifying, investing in, and elevating brands from our focus communities, with the goal of amplifying 50 brands over the next three years.
Community Representation
Amplifying the voices and faces of our focus communities by featuring diverse creators, founders, fans, and ambassadors to better reflect the uniqueness of our society.
Inclusion &
Improving our hiring and career development practices to increase the employment and retention of employees from our focus communities.
Sharon Chuter joins as BFA Advisor

To ensure our ambitious vision comes to life in a meaningful way, we have appointed Sharon Chuter, UOMA Beauty Founder & CEO and Founder of the #PullUpforChange initiative, as a BFA Advisor to provide guidance, inspiration, and accountability towards BFA Impact’s progress. Sharon’s work in racial justice and equity has begun to drive real progress in the industry and we are thrilled to be partnering with her to drive BFA innovation and thought leadership in this space


We stand to lead and inspire the beauty industry through our innovative approach in protecting the unique beauty of the planet and its people.

We will prioritize responsibility in all aspects of our company including the way we make and share our products and the resources we choose to power our business, ultimately to create a positive impact inside and outside our organization.

Our FOcus

Eliminating 100% of our virgin plastic waste and actively helping reverse the effects of plastic pollution across our portfolio over the next ten years.
Educating our community about clean beauty, the risks related to certain ingredients, and providing accessibility to better beauty options throughout our portfolio.
Corporate Responsibility
Continuing to integrate strong environmental, social, and governance practices into our business operations.
Introducing: The BFA Clean Standard

We’re excited to announce a holistic clean beauty program that makes it easier for our community to find safe and effective products that align with their personal beauty preferences and values.

See how The Out List™ and The BFA Clean Standard assures our members that the products they receive from us will be formulated to reduce health risks associated with over 1,800 ingredients.

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What we've been working on

Over the last two years we've begun to take some actionable steps towards a more responsible future, but we're just getting started.
  • Invested $14M in Black-owned brands for BoxyCharm in 2020
  • Launched IPSY's Beauty Amplified Program, committing $7M to Black-owned brands in 2021
  • Donated $100K+ in the last two years to key organizations supporting racial and gender equity and healthcare workers affected by the pandemic
  • Launched clean, 100% cruelty-free brands with Refreshments, ITEM Beauty, and Complex Culture
  • Launched 30%+ Refreshments PCR packaging