We prioritize sustainability in the way we make, package, and ship our products and the resources we use to power our business.

Sustainable Packaging

By 2023 our goal is to reduce our use of virgin plastic to a maximum of 50% of packaging by weight in our Madeby Collective brands. We're focusing  on our upstream impacts, which is where we have the most control to reduce our virgin plastic use.

Reducing Virgin Plastic

We know that the beauty industry creates a lot of single-use packaging and we want to lead the way in reducing that waste. With only 6% of all plastic in the U.S. being recycled, making a difference with our packaging is essential.

We set an ambitious goal to reduce our single-use plastic to a maximum of 50% of all our Madeby Collective packaging by weight by 2023. We prioritize reducing virgin plastic waste, incorporating more sustainable materials where possible, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic, paper, glass, and reusable packaging.

Our Ambitious Goal

We are excited to report that we have nearly met our 2023 goal, two years early! In 2021, virgin plastic made up 51% of our product packaging for Madeby Collective. To put that in perspective, that reduction from 100% is the weight of about 8 million lipsticks!  We won't stop there. We're working to eliminate 100% of our plastic waste and will actively reverse the effects of plastic pollution by 2030.
Spotlight: The Sparkling Clean Promise of Refreshments

Refreshments, our extra fun personal care essentials brand, launched with a Sparkling Clean Promise: All formulas are 100% cruelty-free, vegan, clean, and clinically, allergy, and dermatologist tested.

While Refreshments' focus on clean ingredients is at the core of the brand, so is sustainability—across all Refreshment product packaging, we use 30% post-consumer recycled plastic, and we’re committed to increasing that over time. We also offer bar soaps and reusable razors, two products that help us—and our customers—reduce our use of plastic.

Clean Beauty

We educate our community about clean beauty, and we make better beauty options available throughout our portfolio.

How We’re Advancing Clean Beauty
  • We've launched BFA-wide definitions of The Out List, The BFA Clean Standard, cruelty-free and vegan.
  • IPSY Clean badging launched in 2021 with 150 brand partners.

By December 2022, we plan to only carry products that meet The Out List requirements. We are currently 95%+ compliant:

  • Madeby Collective brands are fully compliant.
  • IPSY and BoxyCharm are on track to be fully compliant by the end of this year.
  • Madeby Collective will be clean and cruelty-free by 2023.
Madeby Collective, BFA's brand incubator brands are more than 95% compliant with The Out List
The Out List™

The Out List is an assurance to our members that the products they receive from us will be vetted to ensure they are formulated to help reduce health risks associated with potentially harmful ingredients.

To start, we’ll be banning 32 ingredients across all of our portfolio by the end of 2022. Our decision to prohibit these ingredients from our products’ formulation helps reduce everyone’s overall exposure to ingredients that are known to have potential negative health impacts.

This isn’t a one and done—as new science emerges through research, ingredient transparency, and innovation, we will be updating and adding ingredients to The Out List.

Madeby Collective Brands are fully compliant with the BFA Clean Standard as of 2021
Clean Standard

Transparency equals trust. That’s why The BFA Clean Standard takes The Out List to the next level, educating our community members on an additional 1,800+ ingredients to be mindful of.

With The BFA Clean Standard, we're highlighting products that meet these rigorous guidelines, empowering our members with the knowledge to make mindful choices that help both people and the planet.

The BFA Clean Standard highlights products that are formulated to help reduce adverse impacts to human and environmental health.

Spotlight: IPSY Clean Badging

In 2021, IPSY launched clean badging, called Clean at IPSY. From providing more transparency about what’s in (or left out) of IPSY products, making it easier to find products that align with members’ values, Clean at IPSY empowers members with the knowledge to make beauty choices that are right for them.

Since launching Clean at IPSY, we’ve found that Ipsters say they trust our Clean standard more than those of other beauty retailers.

Climate Action

We stand for action on climate change, which is why we're committed to assessing and reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Climate Goals

In 2022, we completed the first measurement of our carbon footprint. With this data, we commit to setting a science-based emissions reduction target in the coming year.

Shipping Methods to Reduce Emissions

We currently utilize ground shipping to limit emissions in getting our products to our consumers. Ground shipping creates 80% less carbon emissions (per ton-mile) as compared to air.
We Commit To Reducing Our Carbon Footprint
Spotlight: #CodeRed4Climate

In 2021, we joined #CodeRed4Climate, along with 100+ other organizations from across the beauty industry, to urge U.S. members of Congress to take urgent action on climate change. Because we have less than a decade to keep warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius - a critical threshold for humankind - we have also committed to climate action in our own operations.

Following up this work, Amber Stryker, our Director of BFA Impact and CEW Social Impact Honoree, is co-chairing a cross-beauty-industry working group on Social Inclusion and Sustainability. The working group will bring together resources and education to support beauty brands of all sizes and change the industry.

Amber Stryker, Director of BFA Impact, is Co-Chair of the Social Sustainability and Inclusions Working Group coming out of CodeRed4Climate