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BFA Industries is a beauty innovation platform powered by content, community, and unprecedented personalization. Be a part of our forward-thinking team as we embark on our biggest makeover yet.
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Our Mission
We inspire everyone to express their unique beauty.
Through product innovation, machine learning technology, and a community-first mindset, we democratize beauty by delivering not only personalized experiences, but a feeling of authentic self-expression.

Marrying our data-driven thinking and obsession for beauty, we've created a proprietary technology platform with some of the world's best engineers and data scientists across Silicon Valley, Argentina, and beyond.

Leveraging millions of member data points, we've built some of the largest beauty subscriptions in the world and developed beloved new DTC brands.

Our Cultural Behaviors
We innovate to delight our community
Community First

We’re nothing without our members and we work tirelessly to captivate them. We listen, we’re compassionate, and we’re never judgmental. Any decision we make starts with our community.

Innovation Led

We constantly seek out ideas that benefit our community while challenging the status quo.

Velocity Matters

Speed is great, velocity is better. We always have a clear goal in mind as we analyze quickly and implement even quicker.

We respect each other and communicate honestly
Respectful Communication

We listen attentively, speak candidly and treat each other with integrity. We share and welcome constructive feedback. We don’t gossip or point fingers. We take an honest and transparent approach with our community, creators, teams, and partners.

Data Transparency

We are thoughtful and honest about how we use data and are upfront about what the data show us, good or bad.

Inclusive and Fun Environment

We provide an environment where every voice can be heard and is encouraged to speak up. We take our impact seriously but don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy spending time with each other and value our culture.

We go all out for impact
Think Big

Small ideas improve businesses, big ideas disrupt industries. We believe that when it comes to bold ideas, it’s key to not let perfection get in the way of progress.

Deliver Results

We value calculated risk-taking, set ambitious goals, and work relentlessly to achieve and outpace them.

Agility and Determination

We are fierce competitors and never give up. Able to pivot and bounce back, we understand the importance of resilience.

We have an ownership mentality
Problem Solvers

We consistently overcome setbacks and rise to any occasion. We take responsibility when something goes wrong and we appreciate others when they hold themselves —and us—accountable.

Good Judgment

We properly balance business needs with community delight and leverage that mindset to translate desired impact into tangible actions.

Spend Thoughtfully

Every penny matters, so we are prudent about costs and watch our margins carefully. We are persistent negotiators and strive to achieve more with less, spending company money like it’s our own.


We bring together some of the most creative and innovative minds from diverse backgrounds and experiences, unified by a shared passion in our quest to make beauty more inclusive and welcoming to all.

Donnabell Dmello

Software Engineer
“I have learned tremendously from my peers here and have been given so many opportunities to work on impactful features. It’s great to work for a company that truly believes in empowering individuals to be themselves.”

Jonny Acosta

Social Media Strategist
“Working for a company like BFA has always been my dream. When I was living in Venezuela, I felt like society and businesses did not accept or include people like me. I am extremely grateful to work at a company where I am able to be 100% myself without having to hide or modify my trans identity, and where I am not only recognized but appreciated by my peers.”

Nicole He

VP of Sourcing & Production
“It’s been empowering to be a part of a high-growth company on a global scale while staying true to my roots as an entrepreneur.”

Nadya Voitik

Engineering Manager
"BFA is a very well-managed company where top management has a clear strategic vision. I also like that the company provides career development outside of our initial roles."
San Mateo. New York. Santa Monica. Pembroke Pines. Toronto. Buenos Aires. Fort Worth. Harrisburg.
San Mateo. New York. Santa Monica. Pembroke Pines. Toronto. Buenos Aires. Fort Worth. Harrisburg.


Paid Time Off

Medical, Dental & Vision Care Insurance

401k Match

Training & Development

Beauty Box Subscription

10 US Holidays & 
1 Floating Holiday

Tech and innovation focus
Our team is building the world’s biggest, hyper-personalized beauty platform. Come join us in building a global infrastructure and accelerate your career growth.
  • We use billions of data points and the latest artificial intelligence algorithms to create a platform that understands our customer’s needs and creates a personalized beauty experience for them
  • We create opportunities to innovate by running hundreds of experiments across the board
  • We work in small teams using agile methodologies — together, we can  accomplish in several weeks what takes other companies several months

See what we're up to

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July 15, 2021
Blending art and science, we identify and partner with the world’s most beloved beauty brands and develop high-quality products using proprietary data.
  • We collaborate with hundreds of beauty brands each month so our members can discover their new favorite products
  • We leverage our data to identify white spaces in the market and have developed successful new brands like ITEM Beauty and Refreshments
  • We take personalization and customization to the next level and make data-driven decisions powered by millions of product reviews
True self-expression is only possible when everyone feels free to confidently show their true selves.

The beauty industry hasn’t always provided the right access or tools needed for everyone to be who they are. We’re changing that.

We strive to foster a community where our employees and community feel they belong and are celebrated for living their truth. We hire, grow, and retain people with diverse backgrounds, gender expressions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, nations of origin, and abilities.

We believe in transparency and have committed to sharing our representation data annually.

Currently, our U.S. team at BFA is made up of:

5% Black employees
18% Latinx employees
61% BIPOC employees
70% female identifying employees

Our U.S. leadership team at BFA is made up of:

5% Black employees
12% Latinx employees
42% BIPOC employees
60% female-identifying employees

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