August 13, 2021

BFA's $25M Commitment to Black- and Latinx-Owned Brands

Everyone deserves to be able to confidently express themselves, and everyday we make it our mission at Beauty For All (BFA) Industries to create a space for our community to do just that. As part of this vision we launched BFA Impact, a company-wide movement to inspire self-expression and celebrate the unique beauty of people and the planet through the brands, products, and communities we support. Through self-expression, our goal is—and has always been—to dismantle the inequities in beauty by making it truly accessible and welcoming to all. In March, we pledged to amplify and invest in Black, Latinx, and LGBTQ+ communities and brands, and today, I’m incredibly proud to share the progress we’ve made.

  • Brand Investment: We have invested over $20M in 32 Black-owned brands across IPSY & BoxyCharm in 2021 alone, far surpassing our initial $5M commitment announced last year. In 2022, we want to make even more impact and expand the communities we support by investing $25M in Black-owned and Latinx-owned brands, providing them with product investment, marketing amplification, product development resources, and business support.
  • Brand Development: To deepen our focus in the Latinx community, we announced the launch of Treslúce Beauty, a bilingual brand co-founded by the unmatchable Becky G. Becky’s desire to create a brand that celebrates, elevates, and explores the Latinx experience and culture through beauty deeply resonates with me as a Latino myself. Through Treslúce Beauty, we will share our cultures and our passion for making beauty more accessible to engage and inspire the broader beauty community.
  • Community Representation: We’ve continued to leverage our platform to amplify the voices and faces of our focus communities by featuring diverse brand founders, creators, fans, ambassadors, and thought leaders. We hosted several thought leadership panels through our BFA Assembly and Clubhouse event series, engaged GLAAD as an advisor for IPSY and BoxyCharm, and will be partnering with Las Fotos Project to elevate and spotlight the artistic work of talented teenage girls and gender-expansive youth from underserved communities across our BFA brands.
  • Employee Embodiment & Advocacy: Our mission starts from the inside, and for us, that means creating an environment where everyone can be their authentic self and be celebrated. With this in mind, we have just hired a dedicated executive leader that will be focused on DEI, brought on UOMA Beauty Founder & CEO and Pull Up For Change Founder Sharon Chuter as BFA Advisor to provide guidance and input on our commitments, and have instituted a mandatory racial bias training for all managers. Also to increase transparency we will be sharing a breakdown of our US team annually. Below is a snapshot of our employee representation as of May 2021:

    - US Team: 5% Black, 18% Latinx, 61% BIPOC, 70% female-identifying
    - US Leadership Team: 5% Black, 12% Latinx, 42% BIPOC, 60% female-identifying

While we’ve made significant headway, there is still much more work to be done, and I am grateful to our brand partners, our community, and our internal teams for all the passion, dedication, and support in these efforts to enable and empower self-expression. We will continue to share further updates as we continue to push for evolution, impact, and meaningful change.

Marcelo Camberos
CEO & Co-Founder, BFA Industries